RECAP Resource Desk

About the Resource Desk
This Desk is a service provided by RECAP to Participating Administrative Entities. The Desk serves as a comprehensive information archive enabling searches of all published guidance on the Mark-to Market program. This Desk is also available for registered HUD employees, owners, lenders, attorneys or other service professionals, or members of an association or tenant advocacy groups as a resource for the Mark-to-Market program.

In addition to maintaining a searchable database of statutes, rules, regulations, notices, memoranda, directives and guidelines that are applicable to this program, the Desk also provides answers to questions submitted by PAEs on the implementation and application of the rules and regulations governing the Mark-to Market program. Previously asked questions are returned with search results. Additionally, users may submit new questions if their questions are not (yet) found in the Resource Desk's archive. PAEs may submit new questions if their questions are not (yet) found in the Resource Desk's archive. Other users should refer questions to RECAP's website or their PAE.

Who May Use the Resource Desk?
This site is intended for the exclusive use of RECAP employees, an employee of a PAE operating under a portfolio restructuring agreement with RECAP or contractor to such a PAE, an employee of a firm contracted to RECAP, employees of HUD or other government agencies, owners, lenders, attorneys and other service professionals, and members of associations or tenant advocacy groups who have an interest in the Mark-to-Market program.

How Do I Contact the RECAP Resource Desk?
If you have technical questions regarding the use of the RECAP Resource Desk, please feel free to contact the Resource Desk via email at

If you have questions regarding the RECAP program, please feel free to browse our online database or submit a question via the web.