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How Do I Search for Information

Searching for information on the Resource Desk is similar to searching for information on other web-based search engines. Your main search criteria is typed into the Keywords box, which is the text that will be used for the search. You may limit the items that are returned by your search by selecting the areas of the Resource Desk where your search is carried out.

The default selection is All. As you begin selecting specific search options, All will automatically de-select. You may select as many search options as you wish. If you re-select All, these individual search options will be de-selected.

All - will search all areas of the Resource Desk and return items sorted by Resource (Previously Answered Questions, OPG references, etc.). Previously Answered Questions - will return questions previously answered by the Resource Desk that contain your keyword(s) or its synonyms. Past RD Broadcasts - will return past RD broadcasts that contain your keyword(s) or its synonyms. OPG - will return sections from OAHP's Operating Procedures Guide that contain your keyword(s) or its synonyms. Forms - will return Forms stored on the Resource Desk that contain your keyword(s) or its synonyms. Statutes and Regs - will return regulatory references stored on the Resource Desk that contain your keyword(s) or its synonyms. Statutes and Regulatory items currently stored on the Resource Desk are: 24 CFR, MAHRA, H 99-36 and H 00-12.

Additional Guidance - will return references stored in all Additional Guidance that has been posted to the Resource Desk that contain your keyword(s) or it's synonyms. Additional Guidance includes Operational Memos issued by OAHP, conference call summaries, environmental guidance, etc.


To aid in searching words with acronyms and common abbreviations, a list of synonyms has been created on the Resource Desk. If you type one of the words in a synonym group as your keyword, the search will look for all words within the synonym group. For example, if the synonym group is:

de-couple, decouple, de-coupling, decoupling

and you type "decouple" as your Keyword, your search will return all references that contain any of the four variations of "decouple" in the synonym list. The list of synonyms used in the search will be included with your Keyword at the top of the results page. (Synonym List)

Tips for Searching

Keyword searches will return all selected resources that contain the word or phrase that you enter, exactly as you enter it. For example, entering "owner incentive" in the keyword box will return resources containing the words "owner incentive," but not "incentive to owners." Both words make up the search -- "owner" AND "incentive" together; it will not return results that containing the word "owner" OR the word "incentive". Too many resources returned. Try narrowing your search by adding additional keywords. For example, if you are looking for information on HAP waivers, instead of entering "HAP" or "waiver" as your keyword, either of which will return a significant number of responses, enter both words as your Keysearch: "waiver, hap" By entering the words with a comma between them, you are directing the system to search for resources that contain both of the keywords, but not necessarily together or in a particular order. Another way to narrow your search is to select a less generic Keyword. For example, if you are searching for information on out-year Section 8 contracts, use "out-year" as your Keyword instead of the more generic phrase "Section 8". Too few resources returned. Try broadening your search by removing some of the detail. For example, if you are looking for information on Exception Rents greater than 120% FMR, instead of typing "Exception Rents > 120% FMR," type "Exception Rents, 120%." This will return items that contain both Exception Rent and 120%, whether or not it is phrased exactly as 120% FMR.

Not sure why I am getting the resources that are returned. If your search returns resources that seem to be unrelated to your keyword, it is possible that your keyword is also part of different words, and these additional words are being returned in the search. For example, if you search on "POP" (looking for information on POP Committee, you will receive a fair number of resources, including those that contain the word "population" -- as "POP" is part of the word "pop"ulation. The easiest way to determine why a document was returned is to open the document and search the document for your keyword (Edit / Find or Find On This Page). The word or phrase that is causing the document to be returned will be highlighted. To remove these items from your search, further define your Keyword. In the above example, you could search on "Problem Owner" instead of "POP", and the number of resources returned be as you expected.

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